Essendon Towing and Salvage provide a 24hr towing service across melbourne and regional Victoria. We have a an excellent reputation for helping anyone who’s vehicle has broken down. We want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Essendon Towing and Salvage has a commitment to all of our clients to provide expert knowledge, service, and assistance

Accident Advice

At an accident, the things you should do:


  • Stay calm

  • Turn off ignition

  • Turn on hazard lights

  • Stay off the road and ensure safety

  • Check to see if anyone is hurty, if so, call 000

  • Collect all necessary information from all parties at scene

  • Arrange a tow truck if required

  • Do NOT drive a vehicle that is not roadworthy from an accident scene, it is against the law and your insurance company may not cover you.


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